About me

To those of you who don't know - or happily have forgotten.

What kind of name is that, really? It's not Danish, I know that, have been told it too many times by people with wondering faces. Nor is it French, though my family on dad's side should have come to Denmark from France centuries ago. At least it's said that they did. Dunno if it's true. Then what about Greenlandic? Nope, that's big bro's name. It's not German. Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, English, Polish, Japanese, Chinese. No, apparently.. It's Greek. Mom loves the name, has always done.
Born at the 9th of September 1994, eleven past midnight. Dreams of being an author. Likes to read thick novels. Loves languages, is currently learning English and French at school, and studying Japanese at home. Is oft-.. Wait, wait, wait, Japanese!? Why?
Oh yeah, that's right, forgot to tell. Is going to Japan in March 2011 as an exchange student, coming home again around January 2012. With the amazing Youth for Understanding, or YFU in short. This is the exchange blog. Happy now? Great.
Let's continue. Is often using her free time with knitting and sewing. Likes Disney, but hates Disney Channel and everything about it - thinks that the only real Disney is the cartoons. Especially the old ones. Is currently missing her cat, though she is two meters away from her.
Jup. That's me.