onsdag den 14. juli 2010

No longer hopefully!

Apparently my mother and I thought wrong about the time I would get the answer - or YFU was a little late. But no matter which of the reasons, I got the answer yesterday, which made me smile quite a lot.. And almost cry with joy.

As you probably can guess, the letter told me that YFU has a spot for me for Japan 2011! :D That's pretty cool, ha?

My mother actually called YFU Monday (it was Thursday yesterday, if one doesn't know) and they told her that we are three who are going to Japan in March - I know one of the others is Johan (one of the other Danes I know who have applied), but I'm not sure about the third. The girl I know who has applied is, as far as we both know, on vacation right now, and she hasn't answered the message I sent her. I hope that one of us will get to talk with her soon, because if it is her, she'll have to accept the exchange before a week. But so far, I can't really do more than I've already done.

And as my mother called them, I already knew the answer Monday - I just couldn't really believe it before I got the letter.

The letter was a whole bunch of information about the exchange, that I have to get something that corresponds to 4 (about a D) in my Japanese school to keep being on the program, a whole lot about assurance, money, scholarships etc. It also told me that I have to go on a culture weekend in October, from the 29th to the 31th on Fyn (island in Denmark), which I'm looking very much forward to :D

For the moment I have holiday, which is really nice. I have almost four weeks left, and because I didn't have very much time to study Japanese in the last part of the school year (exams and such), I'm planning to use much of the time with studying Japanese, and then I also have to pack all of my things, because our house has finally been sold. We still need to find a new house/apartment (we have to hurry a bit), but it’s still great! :D

And I will have to look more at the placement papers, which I have to send in before the 1th September. I have to go to the doctor, who has to write a lot of Xs (there's a looong list about my health and if I've had certain illnesses etc.), the dentist (wtf?) and so on.

.. And I'll probably try to make another layout for this blog. But so far, everything about my exchange is great!

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